Chunky Hunks

Good morrow dearest fellow hunk enthusiasts,

This morning we rejoice in the hunk who’s a whole lotta man. Literally.  He loves his momma’s cookin’, and yes, he will have that second helping of pie. With a little around the middle, and everywhere in between, he’s unafraid to let it all hang out. He knows how to enjoy himself with an unmatched abandon, and, fortunately for us, he tries every flavor life has to offer.  Today’s zaftig hunks take up not only extra space in the room, but extra space in our hearts as well. Just more of what we already love! They don’t need rippling abs or sculpted buttcheeks to garner our attention — they can do that with their royal bearing alone. So let us enter the world of the man with a little something extra, and be crushed under his considerable charms.

Happy hunking!

Orson Welles, you don't need to make scary radio broadcasts to make us scream.

Philip, we'd like to Seymour of your Hoffman.

Kevin Smith, you won't be so silent when we're done with you.

Clark Duke, got room for two more in that hot tub time machine?

Seth Rogen, let's play Good Cop, Superbad Cop.

John Goodman, if we got in bed with you, would you tell us we were out of our element?

Aries Spears, you make us wish we were teddy bears.

Chris Farley, we'd totally live in a van with you, down by the river.

James Gandalfini, we'd only consider becoming strippers if we could be your Ba-Da-Bing Girls.

Jack Black, can you show us your tenacious D?

And because it's your birthday, Tony Casey, you are one fine hunk of man meat.

Sorry KMac, we just couldn’t find enough “room” for you in this entry. We still love you.

Your Appreciatory Authors,

Alex & Bri


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