Muchos Hunks Monday: Family Hunks

Good morning our most appreciated hunk collectors,

After a long, relaxing Sunday, we have returned to regale you with a winsome world full of more hunkdom than you can handle. Welcome to “Muchos Hunks Mondays”, a time and place each week where we can expound upon the phenomenon of a “huddle of hunks”. Whether it’s a set of bewitching brothers, a fetching father and son duo, an entire coveted cast, a band of bone-able babes, or a whole damn family, these hunks prove the old adage, “the more the merrier”!  Though we greatly appreciate what these hunks have to offer individually, we can’t help but try to imagine the thrill of having an all-access-pass to this stable of studs!

This week we focus on “family hunks”. These mesmerizing menfolk share not only a blood relation, but hotness and talent as well.  So jump right in to “Muchos Mondays” — it’s more babe for your buck!!!

Happy Hunking!


The Phoenix Brothers, I cried a River when one brother died, but then Leaf went Joaquin all over my heart.


Sheen? Estevez? We don't care what your damn last name is, we'll scream it anyway.


Gregg and Duane AllMAN, we'd be happy to be tied to your whipping-post.


The Wilson Brothers, if this family were an ice cream flavor, they'd be Neapolitan: a lil' somethin for everyone.


Would any of you care to take a trip to my Sutherland?


Ray and Dave Davies of the Kinks. This caption should write itself.


Hemsworth Brothers, the only way I'll go see another Thor movie is if Liam is the stunt hammer.


I've got a recovery program for you, Baldwins: 12 steps of me.


The Wilson brothers of the Beach Boys are givin' us good vibrations, allllll summer long.


Prince Harry and Prince William, you have given us a royal case of girl-wood.


James Franco, we'd like to ride your Pineapple Express. Your brother can hop on the caboose.


The teeth! The hair! The BUSEYS!


"Diamond" Darrell Lance and Vinnie Paul, how many Dimebags did all that hairspray cost?


Hansen Brothers, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm-bop.


Nelson Brothers, after the rain washes away your tears... we can help you reapply that eyeliner.


Did you know there were two KMac's? Well, you do now.


Let us know who we might have forgotten!

Your Appreciatory Authors,

Bri & Alex


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