Funny Hunks

Dearest Fellow Hunkateers,

Today we pay homage to the unsung hunks of comedy. They graciously entertain us with their rapier wit, creative genius, and an unparalleled willingness to act foolish. And though the latter can sometimes hide the fine hunk of man behind the funny mask, these are the men with whom we really long to spend time. They are exuberant, intelligent, and not unwilling to make asses out of themselves to illicit a laugh. And that’s why we love them. So join us in celebrating these humorous hunks. Because who doesn’t love a hot, hilarious man?  Happy hunking!

This tall drink of water plays such oddballs, that we sometimes think Will Arnett comes from another planet--a planet full of discarded panties.

Jason Segel, you make us wish we were muppets.

Paul Rudd, would you mind introducing us to your friends, The Octagon, James Westfall, and Doctor Kenneth Noisewater?

Seth MacFarlane can simultaneously offend us, impress us, and serenade us with his lovely singing voice. We wonder what other talents he has..

Trevor Moore: Whitest Hunk U Know. I'd let you grape me in the mouth.

Adam Scott often plays the uptight foil to the lead character, but he plays a starring role in our dreams.

Really, Kyle MacLachlan, chocolate bunnies? Wouldn't you rather be holding in your hand a small box of me?

Fuckin' A, Ron Livingston.

Diedrich Bader, you can hide behind mullet wigs, ridiculous mustaches, and redneck accents, but you can't hide the sexy.

Matt Stone... Cold Fox!

Daniel Tosh--because, let's face it, sometimes a funny jerk is the sexiest guy in the room. Plus, he gets naked A LOT.

Do let us know if we’ve left some gorgeous, funny hunk out.  Suggestions are grrrrrreatly appreciated.

Your Appreciative Authors,

Bri & Alex


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