Our Fellow Hunk Appreciators,

Congratulations! You have entered an oasis of hunkitude, hidden within the cesspool of masculine mediocrity which pollutes the internet. You can rest assured that your dearest and most qualified authors, Alex and Bri (pictured below), both possess an impeccable eye for supreme male hotness, and will never supply you with pictures of non-hunks.  We know how to identify when a man has a certain je ne sais quoi — not just a pretty face or sculpted body (although that is very important) — but something deeper…a dark talent smoldering beneath the surface, brooding eccentricities that create the whole package. And man, oh man, would we like a hunk of that package.  So let us celebrate, and we will day-to-day, explore all of the many ways our hunks can help us fill those empty moments in our hearts. And minds. Dirty minds.

We will do our best to update you daily with whatever gems or diamonds in the rough that we excavate from the cobwebby depths of cyberspace.  And whatever hunks you think we may have brushed by the wayside, submit them for our consideration, and we will be be most appreciative. So appreciative.

This picture is completely authentic in all regards. It was taken in Heaven.

Hunk You Very Much.

Your Appreciatory Authors,

Bri and Alex

2 Responses to “About”
  1. Saras Pruitt says:

    Haha! Hel-lo! If that’s heaven then beam me up! Snaa-aaps!

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