Cartoon Hunks

Good Tuesday Fellow Hunkamaniacs!

Today we explore the universe of animated hunks, a world where any level of sexiness, intrigue, and silliness is possible. These men(?) can solve mysteries, fight crime, teach lessons in morality, sweep us off our feet, and melt our hearts. And all without that prude known as “reality” to crash the party! They’ve given us a prototype, however unrealistic, for the men we would later seek out, and we can’t help but still find them adorable. Even if they do wear the same outfit every day. So join us in celebrating our favorite cuties of cartoon land, a special place where hunks can forever remain hunks!

Happy Hunking!

Hercules--son of Zeus, lord of our pre-pubescent dreams.

Race Bannon, ditch that Johnny kid, we've got a REAL quest for ya. In our pants.

Prince Eric, we hear you like girls who can sing. We bet you could make us do that.

Bamm-Bamm, maybe you could show us why they really named you that.

Trent, it's all your fault that we're attracted to skinny, tattooed, brooding musicians. Thanks for that.

Xander Crews, we could make your dingo frisky.

Thunder-thunder-thunder-thunder... OoooOoOohh, Lion-OOOOO..

Ned Flanders, why, yes indeedley-doodley you can punish me for my sins, neighboreeno!

Aladdin, we'd spend at least one Arabian night with you.

He-Man, you certainly have mastered our universe.

Philip J. Fry, we're sure you can deliver more than pizza.

Gaston, we all know who the real beast is. Grrrrrrawwrrr.

Chris Griffin, remember when you found out you were "bigger" than your dad? We do.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we would give you more than pizza to come out of those shells.

Ace and Gary, "ambiguously" gay? Good enough for us!

Okay, we know this doesn't count. But we couldn't help ourselves. Kyle MacLachlan as a cartoon!!

If we left someone out, please feel free to “draw” it to our attention.

Your Appreciatory Authors,

Alex & Bri


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