Space Hunks

Good afternoon our dearest hunkonauts,

Today’s hunks are so very hunky, that they simply cannot be relegated to this planet alone. They are, in fact, some of the finest specimens our planet has to offer. So, we ask, why not put them in the beautiful and forbidding backdrop of absolute nothingness? Or send them to far-off galaxies? Which is exactly what Hollywood, and in some cases, the actual governments of Earth, have done.  But a man needs more than good looks to be catapulted or beamed into regions heretofore unknown. He must represent the human race in all facets: intellect, humor, resourcefulness, and an unwillingness to mate with questionable entities. And these men have those qualities in spades.(well, except for maybe that last one…)  So grab your best pair of moon boots, and join us for “Hunks in Space”. Zero gravity never felt so good.

Happy Hunking!


Sean Connery, James Bond as a wild west-style space sheriff? Oh, hello wet dreams coming true.


Adrien Brody, from the "Pianist", to 'space soldier of fortune' in "Predators" : A sensitive man who's good with his hands. 😉


Gil Gerard, we'd buck your roger.


Harrison Ford, if you shot first, we'd never hold it against you.


Cillian Murphy, does that big, shiny spacesuit have room for two?


Keir Dullea, we can think of 2001 things we'd do to you..


"Get to da spaceshipppppppppp!!!"


A room full of Sam Rockwell clones? Yes please.


Bill Shatner and Leonard Nemoy, would you boys care to explore my final frontier?


Dennis Quaid, shipwreck yourself in our territory next time - you'll only be a prisoner of love.


Kyle MacLachlan, if we put on stillsuits, would you let us ride your worm?


Yuri Gagarin, the first human in outer space. We can think of another space we'd like you to be in.


Bill Paxton, if we get a hold of you, you'll be "f#*ked fer sure.


James Spader & Kurt Russell, you don't need to interpret ancient heiroglyphs to open up my Stargate.


George Clooney, Solaris gave us mild PTSD, but.. it's cool.


Do tell us if you think we’ve missed some hunky spacemen.

Your Appreciatory Authors,

Alex & Bri

One Response to “Space Hunks”
  1. royce kent says:

    Karl Urban… Chronicals of Reddic

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