Space Hunks

Good afternoon our dearest hunkonauts, Today’s hunks are so very hunky, that they simply cannot be relegated to this planet alone. They are, in fact, some of the finest specimens our planet has to offer. So, we ask, why not put them in the beautiful and forbidding backdrop of absolute nothingness? Or send them to … Continue reading

Cartoon Hunks

Good Tuesday Fellow Hunkamaniacs! Today we explore the universe of animated hunks, a world where any level of sexiness, intrigue, and silliness is possible. These men(?) can solve mysteries, fight crime, teach lessons in morality, sweep us off our feet, and melt our hearts. And all without that prude known as “reality” to crash the … Continue reading

Muchos Hunks Monday: Family Hunks

Good morning our most appreciated hunk collectors, After a long, relaxing Sunday, we have returned to regale you with a winsome world full of more hunkdom than you can handle. Welcome to “Muchos Hunks Mondays”, a time and place each week where we can expound upon the phenomenon of a “huddle of hunks”. Whether it’s … Continue reading

Funny Hunks

Dearest Fellow Hunkateers, Today we pay homage to the unsung hunks of comedy. They graciously entertain us with their rapier wit, creative genius, and an unparalleled willingness to act foolish. And though the latter can sometimes hide the fine hunk of man behind the funny mask, these are the men with whom we really long … Continue reading

Hunks with Butt Chins

Dearest Fellow Hunk Appreciators, Today we regale you with the multi-faceted power of the cleft chin, otherwise known as the “butt chin”. Since days of old, the butt chin has graced the faces of many powerful hunks, such as Clark Gable, Kirk Douglas, and Gregory Peck. It espouses an image of deep masculine power, which … Continue reading