Hunks with Butt Chins

Dearest Fellow Hunk Appreciators,

Today we regale you with the multi-faceted power of the cleft chin, otherwise known as the “butt chin”. Since days of old, the butt chin has graced the faces of many powerful hunks, such as Clark Gable, Kirk Douglas, and Gregory Peck. It espouses an image of deep masculine power, which cannot be denied. Whether it’s a true cleft, a little dent, or an adorable dimple, this precious gift to the male countenance entices and excites a multitude of women (and men!) with a mysterious power. What does it mean to have a butt chin? Well, we really don’t know for sure, so please inspect the following entry entitled “Hunks with Butt Chins”, and you tell us.  Happy Hunking!

Viggo Mortenson, also known as Aragorn, Lord of my Dreams.

Chevy, don't make us Chase you.

Tell me of your home world, Kyle MacLachlan.

Aaron Eckhart, thank you for BEING smoking... HOT!

Even being sidelined by a molestache, Andy Samberg's butt chin shines through with a singular ferocity.

Danny Masterson, where've you been "Hyde"ing lately? In my dreams?

Don't be jealous Tom Cruise, "butt" all your Travoltas are belong to us.

Trey Parker, you don't need an orgazmorator when you have that deadly butt chin.

Ewan McGregor, we approve of ALL of your clefts..

Ben Barnes, I'll show you how to get into Narnia. Alllllll night.

Baberaham Lincoln, preserving our freedoms with the help of a butt chin for the ages.

Glen Quagmire, obviously a butt chin increases sexual potency, but we knew that...giggity!

Let us know if we’ve “cleft” some out!

Your Appreciatory Hunk Hunters,

Alex & Bri


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